Robyn Alcoholics Anonymous


The search terms "Robyn Alcoholics Anonymous" are in reference to Robyn, Mel Gibson's wife, and the fact that her husband Mel was required to attend a number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings due to a DUI he received July 26, 2006.

The Arrest of Mel Gibson for Speeding and Driving Under the Influence

A statement from the Los Angeles County sheriff's department reported that Mel Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence at 2:36am on Friday July 28, 2006 in Malibu.

The statement said Mr. Gibson was speeding in his Lexus LS 240 when the deputies stopped him.


According to sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore, Gibson, 50, was pulled over on the Pacific Coast Highway because he was driving 87 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Gibson failed a breathalyser test and was booked, but was later released on bail ($6,550.00).

His drunken tirade after his arrest, filled with anti-Semitic statements, made headlines around the world.

Whitmore stated that a field sobriety test, administered by officers, revealed that Mr. Gibson's blood alcohol level was .12 per cent.

Not unlike any of the other 49 states, California drivers who are 21 years old and older must not exceed .08 per cent, or they are considered driving "under the influence."

Gibson, His Marriage, and Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Gibson, who has admitted to past problems with alcohol, ran a red light and collided with another car in 1984 while driving intoxicated.

The 1984 arrest motivated Gibson to return to Australia for two years to "clean up" before he returned to his Hollywood acting career.

In 1991, Gibson gave up drinking "for good," disclosing that he regularly attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in an attempt to save his marriage.

"When my wife threatened to leave me I went to Alcoholics Anonymous," Gibson revealed.

"I used to drink six bottles of beer for breakfast but now I only drink water."

Mel has been married to his wife Robyn for 26 years and together, they have seven children.

Gibson, who graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, Australia, earlier revealed that his drinking intensified as his level of fame increased.

"Things got out of hand," he said. "When you first get famous you don't know that you can't go back to a normal life any more. That you've walked into a flytrap; that it's dark down there and that there is no way out of it, not really."

Gibson's battle with alcohol motivated him to return to the devout Catholicism of his youth. This spiritual awakening prompted his decision to direct and finance the film entitled The Passion Of The Christ, which was one of the world's highest box-office earners in 2004.

Update: On Thursday August, 2006, Gibson was sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to drunk driving while driving his Lexus LS 240 on Friday July 28, 2006 in Malibu.

Under the plea deal orchestrated by the prosecutors, Gibson will attend five Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week for the next four-and-a-half months and then three meetings per week for the following seven-and-a-half months.


In addition, Gibson will enroll in an alcohol abuse program for three months and pay a fine of $1,300.00. He also volunteered to make a public service statement about the dangers and risks of drunk driving.

Conclusion: Robyn Alcoholics Anonymous

As mentioned above, the search terms "Robyn Alcoholics Anonymous" are associated with Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson's wife, and the fact that her husband Mel was mandated by the court to attend a number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings due to a DUI he received July 26, 2006.